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Eliza Dudek Wójcicka and Łukasz Wójcicki

What we have in common is our passion for drawing and painting, and although we work and create together, we differ in our approach to the creative process. Each of us follows our own path in painting interpretation, in fact – in perceiving the world.

About us


We have a lot to offer our students. We can give everyone “a part of ourselves”, while helping them find their own creative sensitivity. We believe that every person interested in drawing or painting has their own path – waiting to be discovered.

Classes are dedicated to people of all ages (children from 6 years of age, middle school students, high school students, students and adults) who want to develop their artistic skills.  A wide range of topics and techniques provides a comprehensive understanding of issues related to drawing and painting. Their choice depends on the individual interests of students.

The program may include techniques such as pencil, crayon, ink, fineliner, watercolor and acrylic paints. The subject matter can be flexibly selected from issues such as: architecture, landscape, human, portrait, animals, still life, greenery and many, many more.

Each year we devote at least 1 month to drawing a model figure, using various techniques, learning about the proportions of the human body, 1 month to hyperrealistic drawing – very detailed with pencils, and depending on the group’s advancement, learning Dutch painting by brush masters. Our classes are interspersed with lectures on art history and very practical artistic knowledge (perspectives, colors, etc.).

Small groups (up to 8 people) guarantee high learning efficiency thanks to an individual approach and a pleasant atmosphere.

We organize painting and drawing open-air workshops in Lublin and Nałęczów, as well as numerous exhibitions for children and separately for teenagers and adults.

Canaletto Art received a financial subsidy, and the granting entity was PFR.

We can give "a part of ourselves" to everyone.


Eliza Dudek-Wójcicka

Łukasz Wójcicki

Mateusz Wójcicki

Aleyna Isik

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